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Crisis is radically changing the work community and transforming our business practices.

We focus on taking better care of ourselves and our collective impact on environment.

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Our lab


As versatile designers we use our talents in Salvage to ideate concepts and envision solutions today for our ever-changing tomorrow.

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Natural metamorphosis


By paying close attention to users' need,  we are able to appreciate the natural metamorphosis of how people occupy spaces.  In Salvage, we deliver well-thought designs that grow and change with you.

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Off grid house for everyone


We introduce new type of household powered by set of smart solutions for less food waste, efficient water circulation and renewable energy sources.

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Digital office


These days we take our core motto not only seriously but also quite literally. We create solutions for the future of digital era while we live and work entirely in digital office mode.

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Grow local food


We believe in the revival of small-scale, home-based food production. We aid an access to clean and healthy products at your doorstep in a revolutionary way.

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BIM & sustainability


We understand a non-linear nature of the design process and welcome great collaboration. With BIM we are ready for highly advanced and iterative workflow.

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Svart is our current flagship development. It embodies innovative approaches across various disciplines into new meaning of sustainable tourism.