focus on

raw textures and

natural materials


Salvage stands for rustic simplicity, understated elegance and enjoying the imperfect natural life. We depict something more than a design trend that comes and goes every so often. 

Our philosophy came to be as a reaction to various trends that relied on lavish depiction of interior design - trends that focused on heavy ornamentation and detailing, and the usage of rare, and often non-environmentally friendly materials. 

The fundamental principle of our interior design is connection to earth and natural materials, but with an accent to authenticity. 

In a nutshell, this means that is preferable to opt for something original, rather than something mass produced. Apart from seeking authenticity, Salvage interior praises nature as the most imperfect phenomena of the physical world. Nature is an ultimate reminder of passing age and change that comes with it, and a witness that beauty morphs with it, but never fades. We focus on raw textures, earthy hues and organic, natural materials. 

Salvage represents an escape from potentially stressful situations or surroundings where we strive to achieve the unachievable, to find perfection where there is none, to follow the impossible timelines at a frantic pace - RAW interior design might be just what we need in order to destress and find balance again.