21st century society

into a circular

and sustainable society 


Salvage creates a new and smart way of living sustainable, healthy and smart life, by forward thinking, absolute manifestos, innovative and spectacular design, research, digital technology and platforms, collaborative approach, inclusive shared circular care and revolutionary agriculture.

We are committed to creating value through projects of high quality, by using digital thinking, tools and technologies through the whole process of real estate development, design, construction management, facility management and property management.

Salvage is an active and innovative company, which operates on cloud-based platforms to control and optimise processes in real estate development and facility management, what leads to cost reduction.

Platform control processes form business decisions, through AEC to Construction Management, which gives us the ability to tightly control the whole investment from beginning to the end. Furthermore, it cooperates with different digital and IoT tools, so it reacts, controls and evaluates all information throughout the whole process.

 As architects and researchers, we state that the digital in architectural design enables new systems where architectural processes can emerge through close collaboration between humans and machines, where technologies are used to extend capabilities and argument design and construction process. Our unique integrated design approach enables us to develop strategies that have a fixed focus on the future of the environment.

We consolidate 

smart future